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CSI 322: Computer Graphics

Department Of Computer Science, Math & Statistics

Faculty of Natural Sciences, University Of Guyana


3 Lectures per week,

1 Lab session per week

2 Tutorial hours per week


LECTURER: Girendra Persaud


By the end of the course students shall be able to:

Understand how digital images are stored, displayed and captured

Use vector and matrices for graphical operations

Explain and use algorithms in 2D and 3D graphics operations

To understand and Implement the rendering pipeline


1. Introduction

2. Digital Images and file formats

3. Representing Color

4. Graphics Hardware -Monitors

5. Graphics Hardware -Printers

6. Graphics Hardware -Scanners, Camera's and CCDs

7. Vectors & Matrix operations

8. Geometrical Math

9. 2D Graphics & Co-ordinate Systems

10. 2D Graphics: Geometric Transformations

11. 2D Graphics: Point-on-a-line detection

12. 2D Graphics: Line & Circle Drawing Algorithms

13. 2D Graphics: Clipping

14. 2D Graphics: Anti-aliasing & Dithering

15. 2D Graphics: Point-in-a-Polygon Detection

16. 2D Graphics: Window-to- View port Transformations

17. Graphics Program: Displaying images

18. Graphics Programming: Implementing 2D Algorithms

19. TEST I

20. 3D Graphics: Transformations

21. The Rendering Pipeline

22. Light

23. 3D-Modelling: Surface Modeling & Polygon Meshes

24. 3D-Modelling: Parametric Cubic Curves

25. 3D-Modelling: Bi cubic Surfaces

26. Solid Modeling & Primitive Instancing

27. 3D Modeling: Using POV-Ray

28. Perspective Projections

29. Parallel Projections

30. View Volumes

31. Visible Surface Determination: Techniques

32. Visible Surface Determination: Z-Sort Algorithm & Depth Sorting

33. Visible Surface Determination: Ray Tracing

34. Drawing Surfaces: Shading

35. Drawing Surfaces: Shadows

36. Texture & Bump Mapping

37. TEST 2

38. Programming 3D Applications

39. Revision


60% Exams -Answer 3 of 4 questions, One question on programming 40% Coursework -25% 2

Tests, 10% projects, 5% assignment


Computer Graphics: Principles & Practice by James Foley, The Systems Programming Series,

publ. Addison-Wesley, November 1999, ISBN:0-201-84840-6

Computer Graphics for Java Programmers by Leen Ammeraal, publ, Wiley 1998, ISBN: 0-4 71-98142-7

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