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CSI 2101: Introduction to Programming Using C

This course introduces programming using the C Programming language

By the end of the course students will be able to:

 Explain what a computer program is, and the need for a high-level programming language.
 Write C programs using basic variables, arrays, enums and typedef data structures.
 Explain common high-level language program constructs, and write C programs using these constructs.
 Use C to read and write files.

Credits: 4
Prerequisites: none

 You are required to attend (per week) 3 hours of class, 2 hours of lab and 1 hour of tutorial

Mr. Malcolm Williams (C15) - Course Leader
Ms. Aurel Liddell (C20) – Office Hours: Mondays & Fridays, 10am– 11 am
Mr. Max Baird (C20)
Ms. Vineeta Persaud ()

Course Contents
1. Introduction to Programming
2. Problem Solving
3. Core concepts: Sequential, iterative, conditional
4. A first C program
5. From Source Code to executable
6. Debugging (will be dealt with completely during your lab/tutorial)
7. Basic Variable Types
8. Basic Variable Types - underlying representations
9. Functions
10. Function arguments, return types and variables
11. Casting
12. Constants - #define
13. Displaying Data – printf()
14. Formatting Data Display
15. Inputting Data – scanf(), getc()
16. Operators
17. Recursion
18. Conditional Expressions and Statements
19. Loops
20. Algorithms
21. Header Files / Libraries
22. Spreading a program over multiple files: import & export
23. TEST 1
24. Variable Scope
25. Arrays
26. Structures
27. Memory Usage
28. Pointers
29. Memory Usage and Pointers
30. Pointers and Arrays
31. Allocating Dynamic Memory
32. TEST 2
33. Mathematical functions
34. String functions
35. Program Design
36. File Handling
37. File Streams
38. Common Problems and Solutions
39. Revision

Assessment (please note: the weightings of these assessments may be adjusted)

Course Work
Tests 20%
Weekly Assessments 10%
Project 10%
Final Exam 60%

Suggested Reading
1. Absolute Beginner's Guide to C, by Greg M. Perry, published by Sams; ISBN: 0672305100 (recommended for beginners).
2. Teach Yourself C in 21 Days, by Peter Aitken, B. L. Macmillan Computer Publishing.
3. The C Programming Language(Second Edition), by Brian Kernigan & Dennis Ritchie, published by Prentice-Hall; ISBN: 0131103628 (This is an excellent reference book, and should also suffice for programmers familiar with Pascal).
4 . C: The complete Refrence by Herbert Schildit 4th Edition



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