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The UG Computer Science Association

Students, we would like to announce the formation of the University of Guyana Computer Science Association; UGCSA for short. The association was created to serve many purposes, however for you, our students, the Association seeks to further enrich your experience by allowing you to create, become a part of and run your own specialized research and development club. At present we have a Mobile Development Club, a Computer Science Club and have indicated plans for a Web Development Club and a Software Engineering Club. Ideas for additional clubs are welcome!

The Association will coordinate these clubs so that they remain active and do not overlap in any way. In these clubs, our association members (from a network of past students, industry specialists and faculty) will offer mentorship and guidance in the form of special training sessions. In addition, we plan to solve the disconnect between what you learn and where use it by bringing in real-world software projects for you to work on. In this case, association members will serve as project managers. These projects may be from in-house ideas or consultancies. In addition to gaining experience and expanding your CV you will also get paid for your work.

Finally, the association works to partner with industry and formalize several, regular internship programmes for you. These programs will work to grant you additional exposure while allowing you to make a name for yourself with the given company.

The end result: businesses will get a highly experienced and better trained graduate in you while you benefit from improved job placement.

Please direct any questions, suggestions, ideas, interest in forming/joining clubs to: