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A decision Support system that provides an Automated short listing of potential employees in recruitment and hiring of any organization.

Ms. Andreasa Morris, Mr. Malcolm Williams, Mr. Roger Nurse, Ms. Devika Samad
The process of human resource recruitment and hiring is a tedious task. Due to the enormous effort taken in the manual system, automated systems were developed in an attempt to reduce the time and bias of analyzing the applications since it is difficult to sit through each application of candidates that varies with regards to education, experience level, personality traits, skills and so forth. We have realized applicants are heterogeneous in nature, as such a ranking system was developed to rigidly grasp the criteria of the job post as well as the acceptability level of candidates with /without certain criteria's. This human resource short listing integrates with the ranking and weighting system and then retrieves the relevant candidates matching the requirements. Each result was then sorted using a ranking algorithm to produce the short list of the most suitable candidates for the job. Thereby reducing the time and effort of the manual recruitment and hiring process as well as weaknesses of current systems.
Algorithms,Decision Support System,Information System,Artificial Intelligence