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CSI 222: Software Engineering

Department of Computer Science
Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Guyana

Credits: 4

Lecturer: Lenandlar Singh, Fannita DeJesus-Barakat, Aurel Liddel

Feel free to consult on any matters pertaining to the course. Office hours will be' scheduled at times convenient to both the lecturer and students.


Software Engineering has to do with the design and development of software systems from concept through implementation and documentation under a formalized methodology.


This course is divided into 39 one-hour units

1. Introducing software engineering -definition, aims and needs.
2. System development life cycle. System Installation Feasibility Study
3. Aims and reasons for conducting feasibility documentation and trailing study.
4. Terms of reference for feasibility study group
5. Stages in feasibility study.
6. System justification -costs and benefits System Documentation and Standards
7. Contents of feasibility study report. System Investigation
8. Investigating the current system
9. Fact finding techniques
10. Concluding the investigation System Analysis
11. System analysis and the system analyst
12. Design tools -DFD; E-R diagrams Security and Controls
13. Design tools system flowcharts

14. Test #1
15. Test #1

16. Output, input and screen design
17. Document and code design
18. Stages in program development
19. Programming tools -decision tables, flowcharts
20. Stages in installation and implementation User
21. System testing
22. File conversion at changeover
23. System evaluation and maintenance
24. System specification manual
25. Program specification manual
26. User Manual
27. Data processing standards manual

28. Test #2
29. Test #2

30. Need for security and controls
31. Evaluating system security
32. Physical security
33. Staffing controls System Design
34. Cost controls
35. System development controls
36. Controls over data processing
37. File access control
38. Security issues

* 60%, one 2-hour Exam
* 40% Coursework: Tests 20%; Projects 15%; Assignments 5%

Notice of Classroom for CSI2202 Test

CSI2202 Test 1 will be held in rooms CBJ2 and CBJ3 from 12:00hrs tomorrow (Thursday 28th)

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